Solar Power

Tailor-made systems that are designed and installed to eliminate or reduce your electric bill and take the stress out of powering your life.

Why Choose Solar

Solar Energy takes the stress out of your energy bills. Each tailor-made system is designed and installed to eliminate or reduce your electric bill and take the stress out of powering your life. For your off grid cabin, residential home, business or farm a 30% Federal tax credit is available plus an income from solar credits known as SREC generated by solar energy production. If you own a farm of business, a 25-50% USDA grant is available for qualified customers from the “backbone of America”. Multiple meters on the property, no problem, most utilities will allow Virtual net metering to offset multiple meters under the same name. There is a reason why thousands of home owners, farms and businesses are turning to solar, now is the time for you to invest in renewable energy. Off grid? Remove the utility grid completely. Be your own power supplier. Learn how Smucker’s off-grid systems can help you to become energy self-sufficient or install a battery backup system for utility outages.

Grid Tied / Grid Tied with Battery Backup

Take back control. Eliminate the stress. The battle for affordable energy shouldn’t be a battle at all—let Smucker’s Energy introduce you to a positive new way of thinking about energy. We’ve installed residential solar energy systems all over the Northeast United States, helping homeowners just like you save money, boost their property value, and become a part of the clean energy solution. Install a battery backup system in times of utility outages to reap the benefits of selling excess energy to the power company (like most grid-tied systems), yet ensure that when the grid is down your battery backup will keep you from being in the dark by virtue of operating completely independent of the status of the grid.

Commercial Solar

Businesses big and small are beginning to realize the impact that being solar-powered has on their bottom line. From the 25-50% USDA REAP grant to the 30% Federal Tax Credit to depreciation to PPL GSI Rebate (only PPL is offering a utility GSI rebate at this time) & SREC Income, conducting business on solar power has never been more affordable. Making this the best time to invest in Solar.

Agricultural Solar

Smucker’s Energy is a seasoned veteran when it comes to working with farms and farmers; we plan and design with consideration for planting cycles, daily responsibilities, livestock needs, and general farm activity. Our solar installations are efficient, non-intrusive, and specifically engineered to take into account your needs as it relates to both energy consumption and agricultural process. From concept to completion, our team of professional technicians and electricians will work closely with you to provide a quality renewable energy solution with minimal interruption to your routine. Qualifying agriculture stand to benefit 25-50% USDA REAP grant, PPL GSI Rebate, 30% Federal Tax Credit, Depreciation and SREC Income.

Off Grid

Off-Grid solar systems are solar energy systems that are completely disconnected from the local utility and allow you to power your home (and other buildings) by utilizing a group of batteries (battery bank) that store the power produced by the solar panels. When you turn on your lights or use other appliances that contribute your building’s load, the power is then drawn from the battery bank. Unlike grid-tied solar systems, which feed power back onto the utility grid (essentially using the local utility as the battery), off-grid systems allow you to disconnect completely by directing the power generated by your panels into the battery bank, which supplies energy to all the loads connected to your electrical panel—thereby removing the need for a utility connection.

Panel Mount Options

When it comes to solar panel mounting, Smucker’s Energy has you covered. We have what you need, whether that be roof mounts, ground mounts or pole mounts. Our experienced team will assist you finding the best option to meet your needs.

Start Saving With Solar

When it comes to powering your life, you should have a better option. However much you may be paying, Smucker’s Energy stands ready to help you reduce or remove your electric bill. With today’s cost of living and the cost of electricity from the utility, it’s nice to know there’s an alternative. Start saving money today.

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