Solar Power Buying Guide

Every second, our sun produces enough energy to power the earth several times over. Smucker’s Energy is helping home and business owners harness that power and reclaim control of their energy costs, one ray of sunshine at a time. It’s time to find out how much Smucker’s can help you save on your electric bill!

What Type Of Property Do You Own?

Commercial building

How Much Sunlight Reaches That Area?

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Sun mostly behind tree
Little To None
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Who Is Your Current Utility Provider?

What Is Your Monthly Electric Bill?

Dollar bill
Dollar bill
Dollar bill
Dollar bill

What Is The Annual kWh On Your Electric Bill?

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Answering these next questions is optional, but will help make our first conversation more productive and make your timeline move much more quickly from estimate to install. Please answer as many as you can!

Check all that apply: Items to run on battery during utility outages
What type of system are you looking for?
What is your current utility service size?
Solar power mounting options