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Own your energy. Own your future.

Every second, our sun produces enough energy to power the earth several times over, and Smucker’s Energy is helping home and business owners harness that power and reclaim control of their energy costs, one ray of sunshine at a time. It’s time to find out how much Smucker’s can help you save on your electric bill!

$295/month 2107kwh The more you spend on electricity, the more we can save you.

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SOLAR IS GOOD MEDICINE for Hospital Lumiere

Located in the mountains of Southern Haiti, Hospital Lumiere, a 120 bed facility, serves 60,000 residences in the surrounding community of Bonne Fin despite having no access to utility power. Currently powered by a combination of hydro and diesel generators, the hospital struggles with a growing fuel bill and regular brown and black outs that […]

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Smucker’s Energy is an experienced renewable energy provider servicing the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states, including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and the Virginias. With expertise in system installations for all applications, we’ve developed a reputation for top-notch customer service and excellence in our work that we guarantee you’ll appreciate.

Smucker’s Service—A FAMILY TRADITION

The Smucker’s Family

Family-built. Family-branded. John Smucker and his family have been conducting business in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania for over 30 years. Smucker’s Energy, LLC is an experienced grid-tied and off-grid solar installer whose principals have been installing off-grid systems for Amish farms and businesses decades before solar moved toward the mainstream.

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