The largest manufacturer of solar panels in the United States for 40 years running, SolarWorld makes solar array panels engineered for peak performance, incredible durability, and unrivaled longevity to keep your solar system in operation for decades. Manufactured both in Germany and the United States, SolarWorld panels are predominantly used by Smucker’s in our system installations, as their commitment to producing the best solar panels in the world aligns with our commitment to installing solar energy systems for our clients that produce at the highest possible level to maximize their savings over the lifetime of the system.

SolarWorld’s Sunmodules panels are the first green-certified solar panels by the National Green Building Standard, demonstrating their efforts to make products that live up to the highest standards of green energy production. With a market reputation for innovation and customer service, and a name that is synonymous in the photovoltaic industry with product quality, SolarWorld is built on business principles that make Smucker’s Energy proud to call them a partner.

Watch the videos below to learn why SolarWorld is the nation’s leader in solar panel production, and why Smucker’s has chosen them as a component partner in our solar installations.

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