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Headquartered in Lancaster County, PA with offices in both Millersburg, OH and Watertown, NY Smucker’s Energy, LLC is a leading solar & wind system design and installation Company serving the Mid-Atlantic and North Eastern United States including Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and the Virginias. We’re a business growing to meet the needs of increasing demand of solar and wind through our expert design, top-of-the-line products, and superior customer service. We work hard to maintain our reputation for quality installs through competitive quoting, careful attention to detail and hard workers with experience and industry knowledge.

Smucker’s Energy, LLC
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John Smucker, owner and president of Smucker’s Energy, LLC, and his family have been conducting business in Lancaster County, PA for over 30 years. Beginning in 1979 with Smucker’s Sales & Service, the Smucker Family provided and serviced diesel power generation equipment and sold products such as wind turbines, inverters, and solar panels. In addition, they designed and installed off-grid solar systems for local Amish farms and businesses, establishing an early background for complex solar integration well before the surge of grid-tied solar that happened in the late 2000’s.

As the demand for grid-tied renewable energy began to take hold, Smucker’s began designing and installing larger and more varied solar systems to meet the growing demand from the commercialagricultural and residential markets, and by 2009, Smucker’s Energy, LLC was formed to solely focus on servicing the expanding solar landscape. As the market expanded from off-grid systems to grid-tied systems, to hybrids and grid-tied with the integration of energy storage/battery backup, our experience and dedication to quality and customer service paid huge dividends for our clients.

Smucker’s Energy continues to stay on the leading edge of the solar industry, expanding into micro grid systems including AC-coupled systems, specialty storage, and load shedding; And we’ve expanded our business into much of the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic United States; and even internationally, putting the Smucker’s stamp on hundreds of systems that are helping their owners save money, secure our energy future, and improve the environment. Additionally, the products we use, like SolarWorld panels, reflect a deep-rooted desire to see our customers benefit from having the very best products in the marketplace.

Built on the same tradition of quality products, impeccable service, and hard work that has been that has been at the core of the family business for over thirty years, Smucker’s Energy is providing energy solutions that reinforce our reputation for excellence and expertise in the solar community. And every decision we make comes from that tradition.


Smucker’s Energy uses only the best product and material brands in your installation. Higher quality solar panels mean more years of efficient power production, and durable racking and components ensure low maintenance. The longer your system lasts, the more money your investment makes, and our goal is to put together a renewable energy solution that performs to the highest industry standards throughout its life cycle.


Our team of experienced electricians and technicians is hard-working, extremely knowledgeable, and most importantly, has been putting together systems years that are operating reliably and often producing above expectation. Smucker’s has years of experience in designing reliable, fully-engineered systems, applying for and acquiring permits, and registering with countless utilities in multiple states. In our industry, experience makes all the difference, and we’re aware that there is no compromise for doing a job well done. That’s the attitude every crew member maintains on every installation we do.


Our Motto is Quality over Quantity: Customer satisfaction is our Number One goal. We make sure that you are 100% satisfied with us and with your product, and we stand accountable to every promise we make and every system we install. Our work speaks for itself, and we’re committed to delivering renewable energy solutions that consistently reinforce our reputation for quality.


Smucker’s takes pride in doing quality work and giving the time and attention necessary to ensure your solar or wind system will give you years of maintenance-free production. We only use high-quality, brand-name, field-tested equipment on all of our installations, and our commitment to service is backed up with our own Workmanship Warranties. Smucker’s primarily uses SolarWorld panels, which come with a 25-year production warranty (SolarWorld was the first manufacturer to offer a linear 25-year production warranty and continue to be innovators in module quality). Additionally, many inverters come with a 10 or even 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. Wind generators come with a 2-year Workmanship Warranty and 5-year and 10-year manufacturer’s warranties on small and large generators, respectively. Most manufacturers also offer warranty extensions on the products we use in your system (at the time of purchase).