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Saving money with Smucker’s Energy is easy. We’re committed to helping people quickly and efficiently harness the sun’s power and take back control of their energy costs.

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Smucker’s Makes Solar Simple.

Every second, our sun produces enough energy to power the earth several times over, and Smucker’s Energy is helping home and business owners harness that power and reclaim control of their energy costs, one ray of sunshine at a time. It’s time to find out how much Smucker’s can help you save on your electric bill!

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Where We Install

Headquartered in Lancaster County, PA, Smucker’s Energy is an experienced renewable energy provider servicing the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states, including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Ohio, and the Virginias. With expertise in system installations for all applications, we’ve developed a reputation for top-notch customer service and excellence in our work that we guarantee you’ll appreciate.

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Our Team Has Experience & Expertise in All Types of Systems: Grid Tied, Battery Backup, Off-Grid, Micro Grid, and Hybrid. We Have Been Installing Solar For Over 20 Years.

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The Smucker's Energy Process


Our team of experts works with you closely to make sure you get the best solution for your situation.


We engineer a system that functions efficiently, is designed for endurance, and maximizes every aspect of appearance.


Our dedicated installers will put in your system efficiently and expertly… with as little disturbance as possible.


Start making power without worrying about the paperwork. We’ll handle connecting with utility and help you begin saving money.