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Take back control. Eliminate the stress. The battle for affordable energy shouldn’t be a battle at all—let Smucker’s Energy introduce you to a positive new way of thinking about energy. We’ve installed residential solar energy systems all over the Northeast United States, helping homeowners just like you save money, boost their property value, and become a part of the clean energy solution.

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This client’s personal home solar energy system stands as a prime example for the type of system capable of completely supplying the energy needs of a standard home. This 50-panel, 12.5-kilowatt setup features online panel production monitoring, as well as a 2-panel, 80-gallon hot water heating system for the home. Learn more about the specs and the backstory behind this installation.

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When it comes to powering your life, homeowners deserve a better option. However much you may be paying, Smucker’s Energy stands ready to help you reduce or remove your electric bill. With today’s cost of living, and the cost of electricity from the utility, it’s nice to know there’s an alternative!

$295/month 2107kwh The more you spend on electricity, the more we can save you.

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The Smucker's Process

“We wanted to be able to do some of our own work on our small solar project, and Smucker’s was perfect… they supplied and helped install high-quality equipment with professionalism and neatness. It was a pleasure to work with Smucker’s Energy throughout the project both in a professional manner and yet personal as part of the family.”

William R., Smucker’s Customer