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Energy Solutions that work for you.

Businesses big and small are beginning to realize the impact that being solar-powered has on their bottom line. From the grants to the tax rebates to depreciation, conducting business on solar power has never been more affordable. On your system installation, the federal government offers a 30% tax credit on systems put into operation through the end 2019, after which it gradually ramps down to 10% in 2022—making right now the time to invest in solar. Smucker’s Energy has helped businesses all over the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic take the next step in reducing operation costs by installing their commercial systems, and these business owners will tell you same thing—it’s one of the best investments your company can make. Get in touch with a Smucker’s representative today to be sure your business gets a spot on our installation schedule!

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We get it—you’re running a business, and there’s always one more thing you need to handle. At Smucker’s Energy, we believe you shouldn’t have to become a solar expert to take advantage of its benefits. We know your time is important, and we’re experienced working with multiple department heads and hammering out the details quickly and concisely without compromising your schedules or production.

Smucker’s Energy has been designing and installing commercial-grade grid-tied and off-grid systems for decades, and our knowledge of various system types and practical benefits to your company allows us to help you fully take advantage of all the solutions solar has to offer—such as load-shaving for large facilities with massive demand charges, or micro-grid work for remote locations that require precise engineering and site-specific modifications.

We also handle all aspects of paperwork, applications, permits, inspections, interconnections, and more to keep things flowing smoothly, efficiently, and to save you time. Our team is well-versed in all the details of connecting with multiple utilities in multiple states, and we know the ins and outs of applying for and acquiring grants and other incentives to save you up-front costs. Additionally, we can offer insight and information on commercial energy use and how you can implement specific business practices and products that will make you more energy-efficient and maximize the savings on your system. We’re a renewable energy installer, but we’ll also be your consultant, adviser, and handler of all things solar-related so that your personnel can stay on-task and so you can have one less thing to worry about.

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Smucker’s Energy has assisted countless businesses with impacting their bottom line by making the switch to renewable energy, and these business owners will tell you that with the tight margins and rising costs of today’s economy, the affordability of solar energy is a welcome relief to their budget. Discover how Smucker’s was able to help this business owner reclaim control of his energy expenses.

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Business owners will be the first to tell you—solar doesn’t just save, it pays. With the variety of tax credit and grant programs available, plus the rising costs of energy from the grid, making the solar switch is an investment that presents immediate benefits to your operating expenses and offers even more savings further down the road. Let’s talk about putting solar to work for you!

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The Smucker's Process

“I was very pleased with the way Smucker’s walked us through every step of the process of getting our solar system up and operating. Everything was done in an excellent manner, and they always answered all my questions—I could not ask for better service. I would highly recommend them.”
Joel Martin, JM Hatchery