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For the “backbone of America,” solar has become a practical, sensible investment that is turning the tide of the financial battle for farmers all across the nation. Smucker’s is located in the heart of farm country (Lancaster County, PA), and we have plenty of experience installing ag-based systems and helping farmers take control of their energy costs. The 30% federal tax credit available on system installations through 2019 (at which point it gradually ramps down to 10% in 2022) means that if you’ve been considering a solar energy system, now is the time for your farm to make the switch and start saving in a big way.

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We’ll Take the Reins

Smucker’s Energy is seasoned veteran when it comes to working with farms and farmers; we plan and design with consideration for planting cycles, daily responsibilities, livestock needs, and general farm activity. Our solar installations are efficient, non-intrusive, and specifically engineered to take into account your needs as it relates to both energy consumption and agricultural process. From concept to completion, our team of professional technicians and electricians will work closely with you to provide a quality renewable energy solution with minimal interruption to your routine.

Project Showcase

Jeff Beck’s grid-tied solar/wind combination system stands as a perfect illustration of individual renewable energy systems working in harmony to fully supply all the energy needs of this busy, working farmer. Additionally, his power sources are connected to a battery backup to ensure that regardless of the weather or status of the grid, he’ll always be 100% powered and prepared.

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Regardless of how big or small your farm (and electric bill) is, Smucker’s Energy can help you save money. It takes a lot of power to run life on the farm, and our industry experience presents plenty of options for taking control of your energy costs. You deserve a little more peace of mind… let’s see how much money we can help you save!

$295/month 2107kwh The more you spend on electricity, the more we can save you.

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The Smucker's Process

“Smucker’s Energy is an ethical installer that finds out what you need and makes sure you get it—our system is producing even more than they said it would.”
Keith Frey, farmer in Pennsylvania